About Us

Fredrecolored 65

Fred has over 30 years of experiences as a Cartomancer, tarot reader. What first started as a childhood hobby has turned into a lifelong passion. Fred’s knowledge and passion for Tarot is like no other, he has read hundreds of books from various famous tarot authors and possess a variety of decks he uses with his clients during readings. Fred’s clientele ranges from Famous actors in Hollywood to the stay-at-home mom in Oregon.

Fred’s style of personal readings is different from what you may be used to or have heard of from other readers. Clients who obtain readings from Fred are shown roadblocks they may be facing or are given hope during difficult times in life. Fred empowers his clients and gives them practical action steps to take from the readings. He is very versatile and has the ability to do readings on many topics including relationships, jobs/career, life path, and breaking through creative blocks. In order to get a complete look at your life there are Tarot Profiles, a complete profile on his clients utilizing tarot and numerology.

Not only is Fred a gifted reader, he is an excellent mentor and teacher. For the past several years, Fred has taught tarot in large and small group setting in the San Diego community, from novice tarot readers to seasoned veterans who want another perspective.

To expand his arsenal of metaphysical tools to better serve his client base, he has added Lenormand readings, and eventually Reiki session.

Johnrecolorized 24

John uses the ancient Germanic writing system known as “Runes” to connect with the Universe.  He has studied locally and continues to expand his runic experience through the writings of Rune masters such as Diana Paxson, Edred Thorson, Nigel Pennick, Leon Wild, and Freya Aswynn.   Using the Elder Futhark, John brings the heritage of the Germanic and Northern European culture to his readings.

John also uses oracle decks for reading including a deck he created based on characters from DC Comics.  This unique approach brings the personalities, powers, and relationships of these characters into a way of understanding oneself and how the inner self may be influencing you.

As men and women have before, he is continually seeking ways to make connecting with universal messages informative and insightful.